What is the smoke ventilation system?

During a fire, smoke ventilation systems open smoke extraction openings in the facade or roof of the building by means of electric drives, through which poisonous gases escape. In this way, all escape routes fulfill their real purpose in the complete fire protection of the building. The system is activated by a smoke detector, a button or external devices, and the entire system is monitored and managed by the control panel. In order to improve the natural draught, openable elements are used in the lower parts of the building to supply fresh air.

The opening time of dampers and windows in the upper part of the building as well as the air supply system from the outside, such as windows, are extremely important for the safe evacuation of people. Electrically controlled smoke extraction devices can also be used for daily ventilation of rooms.

The smoke ventilation systems used by us contain all components necessary for this type of installation. The most important part of the installation is the control unit which has a standard of equipment ensuring high comfort of operation. They have an integrated service timer to control the frequency of maintenance, the possibility of coding and setting functions, e.g.: alarm in case of a fault, ventilation time adjustment, limitation of extension are standard elements of the system.

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