What are the landline telephony, intercoms and videophones?

MIW s.c. also specializes in installation, modernization and maintenance of landline telephone networks and intercom systems. To meet difficult requirements, we reach for the most modern technology, both from Polish and world producers. We have many years of experience in this field and we take care of the smallest technical and aesthetic details.

In this case we offer:

Fixed telephone networks – telephone terminals

Fully managed by a given user, usually a company or an institution, which forms a telephone network of a given company and is connected in most cases with a telecommunication operator’s exchange by several lines. The switchboard makes it possible to stop internal phone calls of the employees in the phone network and at the same time to handle normal phone traffic, e.g. incoming or outgoing calls.

These installations are usually used in companies employing a large number of people, where the vast majority of telephone conversations are internal between employees. The use of PBX allows to significantly reduce costs by limiting the number of telephone lines.

It is possible to design a network using broadband Internet connections

Intercoms and videophones

Intercoms have become standard equipment of buildings, installed in the front door or wicket, they make it possible for us to hear and see the person we let into the house. Intercom was originally intended to serve as a communication with people outside the building, but becomes a device that has many other functions and makes life easier. In addition to the convenience of opening the gate or front door, it also has a code lock that allows you to open the door without a key by using the access code.

There are two models of intercoms available on the market – analog and digital. The advantage of analog installation is relatively low cost, but due to the large number of cables – the comfort of use is low. It is possible to interrupt the operation of the installation, for example when the handset is wrongly placed, so most people opt for digital technology. It consists of a control panel and microphones equipped with decoders, on which the access code is tapped to open the gate or door.

It is possible to install an intercom with an attached camera or even a feature that will allow you to see at night.

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