What is the LAN network?

A local area network located within a single building or institution. Local Area Networks (LANs) significantly facilitate work in companies by providing many opportunities, thanks to LANs we can use cheaper Internet access or communicate or exchange important data free of charge. The big advantage of local area networks is the ability to share external computer devices such as printers and scanners. Computer networks are a tool used more and more often by companies, institutions and individuals. Their spreading is favored among others by the fact that the equipment needed to create them is cheaper and more widely available. Big programs have layered structure and the lowest layer operates on physical data, i.e. memory or input/output ports.

Higher-level data operates on abstract data defined using lower-level data. An example of software layering is the field of communication protocols. We specialize in designing computer networks. We focus primarily on quality and ensuring maximum security of the client’s systems while completely preserving functionality.

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