What is the burglary and robbery signalling?

Burglary and Robbery Alarm Systems are designed to protect office and industrial buildings, houses, etc. These systems signal entry by activating sirens and notifying the Monitoring Station of the event. These systems signal the entry of unauthorized persons into a facility by activating sirens and notifying the Monitoring Station of the event. This allows for quick dispatch of security guards to the location. We can also protect the building from the outside by mounting barriers on the door and window frames. Infrared rays protect against unauthorized access through doors and windows. The system allows people to stay inside the building while protecting the entire building from the outside.

The systems are also equipped with multifunctional remote controls that are used to summon help. Pressing a button on the keyfob sends information on an assault or the need for medical assistance. The signals can be sent to the Monitoring Station, Police, Ambulance Service, in the form of SMS or automatic verbal notification.

We also equip these installations with sensors:

– Gas leakage detection.
– Carbon dioxide (smoke) detection.
– Detecting carbon monoxide (carbon black) leakage.

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