What is the access control system?

Access control is a system that prevents access to rooms by unauthorized persons. It is installed mainly on doors, entrance gates, barriers and other devices regulating entry and exit to a given area, e.g. at a stadium. Access control is managed by a computer. At doors, gates etc. Readers are installed at the doors, gates etc. Persons authorized to enter have magnetic cards, which when brought close to the reader, release locks or similar mechanisms of other devices, allowing entry into the room or area. Access control readers can also recognize authorized person by fingerprint or retina.

Access control system after appropriate software can be also used for work time control. We prefer Polish Roger System as it is very reliable, durable and failure-free, completely produced in Poland and very easy in operation. All these systems can work with different types of control gates.


Turnstiles, are another component of access control. They are devices that help control the throughput of a person’s passage using a device. Approximate throughput indicators, calculated with the use of statistical methods, are used to determine the throughput in the facility. They are used in all kinds of institutions, offices, workplaces, sports facilities or airports.

The housing of such a device is made of steel, and the access to the inside of the gate itself is secured. The whole structure is solidly mounted to the ground. The basis for unlocking the mechanism is the receipt of a control signal from an external device. After unblocking the mechanism, one must pass through the gate by pushing the gate arm, which is placed in a horizontal position in the direction of the signalled passage.

Gate metal detectors

Gate metal detectors are the current standard at the point of control of persons and passengers in light of current terrorist threats. They are technically advanced devices, thus characterized by high efficiency. As a result, they are used in facilities with the highest requirements. They are used in institutions such as: public buildings, industrial and commercial facilities, discos, casinos, night clubs, etc.

The main part of our assortment are gate detectors, which can be divided into two subgroups: metal detectors – column and metal detectors – panel. The others are hand detectors and detectors used in booths with revolving doors.

Multifunctional locking system

One of the strengths of ZEUS Keyless is the possibility of extensive integration of an access control system. Electric locks equipped with a wall scanner are the ideal solution to prevent unauthorized access to the zone. Only after positive verification and approval by the radio security module, the appropriate signal is sent to the lock, which allows passage.

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